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Rummy Modern APK Download | Rummy Modern App App | SignUp Bonus Rs-50 : Friends how are you all? I hope all of you are in good health. Friends, there is hardly any person among you who does not use Android smartphone. One thing is absolutely true that most people waste their time by using Android Smartphone.

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But friends, those people who have knowledge about online earning, they are also earning money online sitting at home with the help of their Android smartphones. You heard absolutely right. Today the Internet has progressed so much that many such online applications have been launched on the Internet, with the help of which any person can earn money online.

If you also have an Android smartphone and you are willing to earn money, do not delay, download Rummy Modern APK today. You will get complete information about earning money from Rummy Modern APK after reading this article.

About Rummy APK

I know you guys would be eagerly interested to know about this application. Gradually, we will give you complete updates related to this application. But first of all let us clear that Rummy Modern APK is a type of Rummy game. Rummy game is that game in which we have to play the game by investing some money. If you win this game then you get thousands of rupees price.

The biggest feature of this application is its interface. The interface of this application is such that it can be used by everyone from small children to elderly people. For this reason, I like this application very much.

Initially you get a bonus of ₹ 50 for logging in inside this application. From here you can start your income on this application. By the end of 1 month you can easily win at least ₹40000 from this application.

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How To Download Rummy Modern Apk

A big question also comes in people’s mind that how to download this Amazing Application in your phone? As this application progressed, many fake applications of this application were also uploaded on the internet.

To avoid Fake Application, download this Application in the way we have told you. If you do this then surely you will be able to download the original application.

  • To download this application, first open any of your search engine browser.
  • In the search box of the browser, write Rummy Modern APK and search it.
  • Now click on the first link on the top of whatever page you see. This is the official link of this application.
  • After clicking on the official link, you will get the official page of this application. In this page, you will find a download button below, click it.
  • Now you have to allow the storage permission.
  • As soon as you allow it, it will be downloaded to your phone as an application file. Later you must open it and install it.

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How To Create Account In Rummy Modern Apk

Just downloading this application will not work. Apart from downloading this application, you also have to win ₹50 bonus on this application. To win this bonus you have to sign up with your mobile number.

  • To sign up with your mobile number, go to the home page of this application and click on the Create Account option.
  • Now enter your mobile number and 4 digit verification code.
  • Now if you are being asked to generate User ID and Password, then create your desired User ID and Password.
  • After the creation of User ID and Password, you will be able to login to this application. You will be given a bonus of ₹50 when you login for the first time.

How To Add Money In Rummy Modern Apk

The way to add money inside this application is very simple. This simple method is given below.

  • You go to the add money page and after going there, fill the amount. This amount must be more than ₹100.
  • If you have filled the amount, then now you also enter your bank account information so that money can be transferred from your bank account.
  • As soon as you fill both the above information, you will see the option of confirm. Clicking on this button will add your payment.

How To Cash Withdrawal In Rummy Modern Apk

Unless you transfer the money earned from this application to your bank account, there is no point in earning your money.

  • Where you were shown the option of add money, you will also see the option of cash withdrawal.
  • By opening this option, you fill the withdrawal amount and give the details of the bank account in which you want the money.
  • After this, you click on the option of Proceed Payment so that your payment is processed.
  • Your account will be verified by the bank which may take about 1 hour. After this money will be sent to your account.

VIP Bonus Features In Modern Rummy App

If you activate your VIP account in this application, then you can get a profit of about ₹ 40000 every month.

VIP plans ranging from ₹ 500 to ₹ 100000 have been given inside this application. Select the VIP plan as per your budget and recharge. After recharging your VIP account will be activated and you will get 18 types of bonus offers.

Welcome Bonus Offer’s In Rummy Modern App

This application provides you a welcome bonus for welcoming all your customers. Under Welcome Bonus, you get 100% cashback of the amount you recharge for the first time in this application.

If you recharge ₹ 5000 for the first time in this application, then you will get instant cashback of ₹ 5000 through Welcome Bonus. But when you recharge on this application again then you will not get the benefit of Welcome Bonus.

Daily Bonus Features In Modern Rummy Game

Daily bonus facility is also provided inside this application. The Daily Bonus feature is amazing. You can win around ₹ 10 to ₹ 100 per day by login daily on this application.

But friends, you will be able to get the benefit of daily bonus only when you claim your daily bonus continuously for 1 week. By doing this you will get Daily Bonus on the last day of the week.

Weekly Bonus Features In Rummy Modern

You can also get a separate bonus of up to ₹100000 every week in this application under the Weekly Bonus feature. To take advantage of weekly bonus features, you need to make referral income in this application.

The more referral income you make every week in this gaming application, the more weekly bonus you will get every week. You can get weekly bonus ranging from ₹500 to ₹100000 every week. Not only this, you can also transfer this much bonus directly to your bank account.

How To Earn Unlimited Real Cash In Rummy Modern

Friends, in this rummy game application, you get two options to earn unlimited money. Firstly you get lots of card games to earn unlimited money in this application. You can earn unlimited money by playing any card game according to your skill in this application.

In this rummy game application you get referral features to earn money. You can earn unlimited income every month by promoting this application under referral features.

Ranking Features In Modern Rummy APK

Through ranking features you can get information about top ten users in this application which users earn maximum money by playing games in this application. Apart from this, a cash prize is also given by the company to every user who makes it to the top 3 in the ranking features every month.

Is Rummy Modern APK Safe?

If the question is coming in your mind that is Rummy Modern APK safe for you? So I will tell you that you do not need to take tension at all. I have used this application myself and only after being satisfied I am referring you this application.

You can put money on this application without any problem and can also win money. Millions of people use this application and everyone is satisfied with this application.

Customer Support

An option named Customer Support is given inside almost all the applications. This application also gives you the feature of customer support. You can take advantage of this customer support to take help in any problem.

After clicking on customer support, you will get the gmail id and customer care helpline of this application. You can contact the customer care helpline and ask any questions you may have.

Note : This game involves financial risk. You can get addicted to this game. So I request all of you users to play all the games available in this application at your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you face any kind of financial loss while playing games in this gaming application, then you yourself will be responsible for it.


Friends, the Rummy application that we have given you information about in this article today is a very good application. I have used Rummy Modern APK myself. Today in this article you learned how to earn money from Rummy Modern APK. We also told you how to download Rummy Modern APK? How to create account in this application?

If you want to get updates about this type of money earning application in future, then you should be with us continuously. Thank you for being with us till the end and giving us your valuable time.

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