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Rummy Ola APK Download | Rummy Ola App App | SignUp Bonus Rs-50 :

Rummy Ola
Rummy Ola

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope all of you are in good health. As you must have understood by looking at the headline of our article, today in this article we are going to tell you about the Rummy Application, you get a bonus of ₹ 50 for logging in.

Apart from this, you get free bonus of thousands of rupees inside this application. We thought it necessary to tell you about this application because this application is a very trending application of the present time.

Today’s article of ours is related to this application. So friends, if you also want to know about Rummy Ola APK or want to get any kind of information related to this application, then just read this article till the end. I promise you will easily understand everything related to this application.

About Rummy Ola APK

As soon as we will tell you about this application, you will automatically understand all the things related to it. But now we tell you some basic information related to it.

This application is mainly liked because of its easy interface. People who do not have much knowledge of this smartphone can use this application without any problem. The second biggest advantage is that you get complete security guarantee in this. There will be no possibility of any kind of fraud with you.

If you are spending 2 or 4 hours of your normal day on this application, then it means that you can easily earn up to ₹ 30000 in a month.

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How To Download Rummy Ola Apk

We will give you complete information about this application one by one but first of all we will teach you how to download this application.

  • You cannot use Google Play Store to download this application. If you want to download it then you go to your search browser.
  • When you search this application in the search browser, you will get the official website of this application. Inside this official website, you will also get the button to download this application.
  • So in this way you can download this application on your phone in a few minutes and create an account in it and start earning unlimited money.

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How To Create Account In Rummy Ola Apk

Friends, as you have been told that a bonus of ₹ 51 is given to all your customers on login inside this application. This is absolutely true but to get this bonus you have to create an account in this application with your mobile number.

  • To create an account in this application with your mobile number, you open this application and go to the create account page.
  • Here you enter the mobile number in the mobile number box and click on a Next button.
  • Now you will see an OTP box. In this OTP box, enter the verification code received on your mobile number.
  • If you have done this much, then now you click on the button of create account so that your account is created.

How To Add Money In Rummy Ola Apk

Now inside this application you have to do the main work. The main thing is that you have to add money. How do you want to add money? The method is given below.

  • The way to add money is the same, first you have to go to the main page of this application.
  • To add money, you are being given three types of options, Net Banking, Mobile Banking and Bank Account. You have to decide which will be more convenient for you.
  • After this you have to fill the amount and in the payment method below the amount, you have to select any payment method mentioned above.
  • For example, if you have selected mobile banking, then you will also have to enter your mobile banking ID and its password. In this way your transaction will be complete.
  • Money will be added to your wallet as soon as you click on the submit button.

How To Cash Withdrawal In Rummy Ola Apk

You also get the facility of mobile banking, net banking and bank account to withdraw cash. You can withdraw your money in whatever you want to withdraw.

For this you must fill the withdrawal form. In this form you fill your address mobile number name user id password. After this you fill the amount which should be more than ₹ 100.

After this, you give information about your receiving bank details. In the end, you click on the confirm button so that your payment can be confirmed.

Daily Bonus Features In Ola Rummy Game

You can win 10 paise to ₹10 bonus in a day through Daily Bonus feature inside this application. But for that you have to open this application and go to the daily bonus feature.

You have to claim your bonus by visiting the Daily Bonus option every day. If you are able to claim your bonus continuously for 1 week, then you will get the bonus for the whole week at the end of the week.

Welcome Bonus Offer’s In Rummy Ola App

To welcome all its customers, a bang welcome bonus is being given through this application. In this welcome bonus, if you recharge for the first time, then you get 100% or 50% cashback of the total money.

If you add ₹2000, you will get a cashback of ₹1000 or sometimes the entire ₹2000. But this offer is available for adding money only once.

VIP Bonus Features In Ola Rummy App

There are VIP plans of different prices inside this application. The smallest VIP plan that will be given to you costs only ₹500. After this, as you put more money, you will get the bigger VIP plan.

The advantage of taking the VIP plan is that you start getting about a dozen bonus offers. This increases your income by almost 10 times. If you become a VIP member, then your income will reach around ₹ 50000 in a month.

Invite Friends And Earn Unlimited Real Cash

For all of you users, you get another great features to earn money in this gaming application. You get referral features in this gaming application. Through referral features, you can earn thousands of rupees every month without any investment in this application. Through referral features, you can earn by inviting your friends, acquaintances and other people to this application.

To earn referral income, first of all, copy your referral link and invite your friends, acquaintances and other people to join this application. Apart from this, share your referral link on major social media websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram. In this way, you can earn thousands of rupees without any investment by promoting this application.

Is Rummy Ola APK Safe?

There must have been a fear in the mind of all of you that if you invest money in Rummy Ola APK, your money will not get drowned? Friends, nothing like this is going to happen. If you invest money in this application then your money will be safe. Not one, not two, but more than fifty lakh people are using this application and till now nothing wrong has happened with anyone.

Customer Support

We tried our best to give you every single information about this application. But still, if you have to ask anything related to this application or you need any help, then you can also take help from customer support.

Customer care will help you absolutely free of cost. On opening this application, a button named Help will appear in the home page, by clicking on which you will be connected to customer care.

Note : This game involves financial risk. You can get addicted to this game. So I request all of you users to play all the games available in this application at your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you have any kind of financial loss while playing the game in this application, then you yourself will be responsible for it.


That’s all for today friends. Today in this article we told you about Rummy Ola APK. We told you what is Rummy Ola APK? How Rummy Ola APK Works? How to earn money from this application? What are the features of this application? ,

If you need more information like this or you want to know about the latest application to earn money even further, then you must stay connected with us. Thank you for reading our article till the end

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